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Medecom is the result of an alliance established between image engineering and healthcare experience. Michel Cozic – Director R&D – and Yann Cotton – Sales Manager – founded MEDECOM in 1999. They wanted to design medical imaging software solutions that would be independent from manufacturers.

The company then grew with the intention of designing upgradable software allowing for the integration of targeted innovations to meet new needs.

The creation of the DICOM standard in 1985 was a key element in Medecom’s development as the company developed its in-depth expertise around. Its international scope confers a universal dimension to each product by making it compatible with all existing and future equipment.

Medecom has made its mark around these two axes: independence and upgradability.

Our solutions are easily integrated with all systems. Thanks to an advanced stage of maturity it ensures each solution is reliable and profitable. Also, our radiologists and commercial partners’ connections allow us to fit product developments with medical imaging’ needs and trends we want to provide.

Michel Cozic – R&D Director

Sole co-owners of Medecom, Yann and Michel are backed by their unique structure as a vector of trust and growth in a market that is constantly submitted to technological and economic demands.


Throughout the years, the company has integrated new key resources in computer engineering to be able to capitalise on the experience and image processing skills as well as on the DICOM standard.

“The image processing data base building by our own brings us as freedom and independence in our technical decisions as self-financed structure for driving the company.”

Michel Cozic – R&D Director

Thanks to involved employees and strategic orientations, Medecom takes progressively an international recognized position on digital radiology ground.

From now, the team is entirely made up of engineers who ensure a permanent and high level of R&D. This is reflected in Medecom’s strategic ambition of becoming the benchmark partner to serve the 3 following poles:

  1. Clinical for radiologists –Ensuring optimal quality diagnosis while drawing full benefit from the time spent working on each exam.
  2. Economical for distributors – Offering a wide range of complete, modular and high performance solutions to better answer the different needs of the market.
  3. Strategic for builders– Having the support of complementary expertise to develop new opportunities.


Medecom is still working with energy to make expertise improvements in order to provide value-added to the medical imaging market, clinically and financially speaking.

“Nowadays, it’s fundamental to build durable relationships with partners of choice in order to create synergies and explore new markets without compromising respective stakeholders’ interests. The technology-oriented focus is an asset for our commercial partners because it builds reciprocal confidence, and real support. At the end that is profitable to the radiologists who wish to acquire new solutions.”  

Yann Cotton – Sales Manager

Key Numbers

More than 4000 installations in over 30 countries

  • Russia
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Iran
  • Canada
  • Venezuela
  • Tunisia
  • South Africa
  • Congo
  • Ivory Coast
  • Algeria
  • Ethiopia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Angola
  • France
  • Danemark
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Switzlerland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal

20 years

The age of the oldest product

still in operation today


The share of our R&D engineers

in the Medecom team

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