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Our understanding of the digital radiography workflow – Our solutions

  • Flat panel solutions
    Flat panel solutions

    Outstanding solution to upgrade existing analog equipment to digital. Efficient and cost effective tools provided to get high quality images and prepare exams for diagnosis.

    Med X-Ray

    A flat panel detector & an acquisition workstation for retrofit and mobile applications.

    Med Vet

    A flat panel detector and an acquisition workstation dedicated to veterinary radiology purposes.

  • Diagnostic Solutions
    Diagnostic Solutions

    Scalable solution to best answer needs : From efficient viewer to advanced diagnostic workstations wirh automatic recognition of the modality. Thanks to the ergonomic conception, it fits easily to the radiology centers' worklfow.

    Med Mammo

    Med Mammo is a mammography diagnostic workstation which combines ease of use and high performance features.

    Med Mammo allows multimodality image reading including tomosynthesis


    Med Stitching enables image reconstruction for the lower limbs and the spinal column.

    Med Diag

    Med Diag is a multimodality workstation which main purpose is to print in a very efficient way.

    Med View

    Med View is a multimodality worstation which main purpose is to visualize in a very efficient way. Its user's interface makes it very easy to use.

  • Image sharing Solutions
    Image sharing Solutions

    Mainly dedicated to radiology centers, our full Web server & Telemedicine application allows visualization, diagnostic and communication between different locations and differents sites


    Clipper is our web server designed to make images and reports available for the general practicioners or the specialists.

  • Archiving System
    Archiving System

    Minimalist and cost-effective storage solution.

    Med Archive

    Med Archive is a cost effective and efficient solution that enables to archive on different media withoutneeding a PACS.

  • Utilities

    Usefull DICOM & HL7 tools and services to make easy MEDECOM' solutions' installation and integration inside existing PACS system.

    Med Burner

    Med Burner is our software to burn a CD or a DVD with an embedded Dicom viewer.

    Web DP

    Our Web DP software allows to enter patient's demographic information together with the scheduled exams.


    We have developed a range of utilities to solve your daily's concerns.