Med Mammo

Med Mammo is a mammography diagnostic workstation which combines ease of use and high performance features.

Med Mammo allows multimodality image reading including tomosynthesis

Med Mammo

Med Mammo's features:

  • Interoperability and constructors' independence allow Med Mammo to pre-fetch clinically relevant prior exams including ultrasound, MRI and tomosynthesis
  • All mammography studies are automatically scaled and aligned to ensure optimal side by side comparison ( different algorithms depending on the manufacturer)
  • Each study is automatically associated with the corresponding modality imaging functions such as, measurements, stitching, MIP/MPR, and modality display protocols
  • 100 % zoom or true size display on 5MP monitors  to improve diagnosis
  • Dedicated pad available for automatic tasks process
  • Relevant images can easily be saved, identified and added to the hanging protocol
  • Optimization of the patient's data management for long term follow-up
  • 64 bits version technically compliant with the most demanding exams, improves loading speed

Tomosynthesis : an outstanding tool

Med Mammo offers specific tools developed to improve comparison and visualization of images :

  • Symmetrical magnifying glass, pan and zoom to ease comparison of bilateral structures
  • Shutter to highlight a zone of interest and black the edges of the image in order to improve the quality of the diagnosis
  • Edge detection to align the images of different sizes and to keep a black background even if the user swap to invert video
  • Dedicated navigation tools are available when tomosynthesis feature is selected :
    • Icon display to simply switch from mammography to tomosynthesis images
    • Tomosynthesis ruler to browse into frames of tomosynthesis images
    • Easy set, control and view of the MIP display when navigating into tomosynthesis images

More @ Medecom

Medecom's digital mammography modules include storage, reporting, printing, CD/DVD archive and Electronic Image Exchange.

Compliant with the regulatory requirements and standards in many countries, Med Mammo is a true alternative to any manufacturers' workstations.

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