Med Vet

A flat panel detector and an acquisition workstation dedicated to veterinary radiology purposes.

Med Vet

Our flat panel solution benefits from outstanding features:

  • Two models available: 1717 & 1417, light, robust, easily portable, fit in existing tables and for mobiles applications.
  • CsI or Gadox technology.
  • AED for Automated Exposure Detection and control of the used X-Ray doses.
  • Wireless 1417 model delivered with two batteries
  • Memory up to 300 images
  • Images transfer by Wifi or wired connection
  • Acquisition workstation dedicated to vetenary needs: such as record of animal demographic information and exams studies
  • Automated images processing depending on body parts, notes can be added
  • Many measurements tools available


Complementary solutions

MED Vet combines in the same software two kind of functionalities: those related to acquisition and those related to image processing and image manipulations.

Burn a CD or DVD with the precious images with our solution Med Burner. A viewer is embedded to ease the view of the images on any computer.

Add a storage feature to Med Vet by adding Med Archive to the system.

Connect your veterinary clinics to one another and share exams by using Clipper.

Contact us to receive a documentation about our workstation using our form.