Med X-Ray

A flat panel detector & an acquisition workstation for retrofit and mobile applications.

Med X-Ray

Our flat panel solution benefits from outstanding features:

  • Flat panel detectors available in 2 sizes: 1417 & 1717, light and robust, easily portable and secure, fit slim standard cassette sizes
  • Technology: CsI and/or Gadox direct exposition
  • AED: X-Ray lossless Automated Exposure Detection with high sensitivity
  • Power: Strong magnetic connector for the 1717 and 2 rechargeable batteries delivered for the 1417
  • Fast images acquisition: Preview mode in less than 2s
  • Memory up to 300 images
  • Images transfered by Wifi or/and wired connection
  • Our workflow is particularly efficient
  • Driven by an intuitive use acquisition workstation
  • Stitching module

Acquisition workstation

  • 2-in-1 mode: Acquisition console and image processing tools
  • Fully compatible with every PACS thanks to the DICOM Worklist utility
  • Workflow optimization : preset or customized hanging protocols
  • Efficient images processing tools
  • X-Ray dose vizualization and records
  • Interoperability with all our diagnostic solutions, image sharing solutions, archiving system and CD/DVD Burner
  • DICOM or Windows printing

Stitching module

  • Performant image reconstruction module to combine 2 to 6 images into 1; for rachis or lower limbs images
  • Measurement tools available for easy Cobb's angle and Goniometry measures

Contact us to receive a documentation about our flat panel detectors and workstation using our form.