Med Stitching enables image reconstruction for the lower limbs and the spinal column.


Our stitching allows to combine 2, 3 and up to 6 images into one.

5 reasons to buy our stitching:

  • The exam is digitized. You can then send it to a PACS.
  • Saving film and time. No Need to go into the dark room.
  • Different blending method to improve image quality.
  • Our stitching works with any manufacturer equipment.
  • Does not need extra hardware

Our stitching solution is a high performance alternative solution to those of the manufacturers who have proprietary solutions.

  • Works in an automated or semi automated mode with all CR and DR equipments.
  • Measurements tools (goniometry, Cobb angle)
  • The reconstructed images can be printed, stored or sent to a PACS.
  • Several manufacturers integrate our stitching in their solution.
  • One click is needed to ensure a reconstruction of high quality.

Contact us to receive a documentation about our workstation using our form.