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Routing images

Routing consists in distributing Dicom objects on the medical network in general. The Dicom modalities or workstations push the Dicom objects towards the router which sends them towards Dicom destinations respecting different rules defined by the user according to the workflow he wants.

Applications: distribution of the images towards workstations according to defined rules, optimization of the workflow of the network, conversion of the Dicom objects...


  • C store server and client
  • Filter by Dicom Application Entity Title and by the content of the Dicom specific fields
  • Matching by regular expression
  • Modification of the compression at hand
  • Advanced management of the communication mistakes
  • Routing towards one or several destinations simultaneously
  • Immediate or batched routing
  • Pre fetching of the exams, specially for mammography
  • Administration by the web of the Dicom nods ans the rules of the routing
  • Dicom transfer audit

Worklist server

Our worklist serve allows to transform non Dicom RIS information into Dicom worklist. A single texte file is enough to informe our software. It avoids entering patient's demographic information several times. Thus, it avoids mistakes so it is more efficient and more rapid. Our worklist server has a very easy to use configuration menu.

Web administration

Our Web Admin sofware enables to manage by the network our software. Audit and statistics tools are available. You do not need to be on a specific computer to make modifications. Of course, the administrator has to give you the rights.

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