Web DP

Our Web DP software allows to enter patient's demographic information together with the scheduled exams.

Web DP
  • Entering patient’s data
  • Entering scheduled exams
  • Worklist server
  • Generating reports file
  • Merging reports and images in the same file

Web DP is a software that answers different needs.

  • It enables to handle the patient's demographic information.
  • It includes a worklist server which is going to transform the date into Dicom. This module can be sold as a standalone product.
  • It allows to save time as it is not going to be necessary to enter once again the information in the X Ray room.
  • Once the information is ready, it fees a study list of the exams.
  • It is possible to generate a report with Clipper. These reports are transformed into Dicom Structured Report.
  • It includes a medical chart to enter prescriptions, allergies...
  • It is a very simple alternative to a RIS.

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