Upgrade your analog equipment to DR!


Med X-Ray is an acquisition workstation which, associated with a flat panel, allows the acquisition of very high quality digital images for radiology.

Med X-Ray associates in the same software two types of functionalities: those related to acquisition and those related to image processing and manipulation.
A dialog box allows you to enter information about the patient (name, address, date of birth…)

This information is transformed into a DICOM Worklist in order to facilitate communication with the PACS.

The X-ray dose values delivered are displayed for each exams performed by the Med XRay solution.


Easy to install solution for analog to digital conversion

 36 x43 ou 43×43

AED connection to the generator

Images transfered by Wi-Fi connection

Embedded battery for wireless use

Memory of 100 images

Worklist visualization

Patient’s information

Exams date research

Add Exams or patient’s data

Choice of the exams protocols to be performed among the predefined protocols

Acquisition launch

Display of images with predefined processing according to the type of exam

Patient ID

Information on the acquisition modality and the medical devises used

SR Dose display during the exam

Stitching module for lower limbs and spine

Automated and semi-automated mode

Export of the new created images to Med Archive, or other PACS

Measurement Guideline is displayed to assist the user

Numerous measures available:

  • Distances
  • Meary
  • Hips displaysia
  • Coxometry
  • Simple and advanced angles
Add predefined or customized annotations

Automatic export of DICOM images to Med Archive or any PACS

Transfert of images to the diagnostic workstation Med Diag or visualization workstation  Med View

CD/DVD burner function for the patients with Med Burner

Custom or predefined advanced printing matrix


Booklet or paper print

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  • FR : French
  • IT : Italian
  • US : English

Contact us for other languages

Communication with :

Development upon DICOM standards ensures optimal integration of the solution in the working environment.

All functionalities can easily be set up :

Technicians &/or radiologists’ preferences

Automatic actions can be configured for workflow optimization

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With 20 years experience and expertise in the field of radiology, Medecom offers solutions that meet the needs of radiology centers from image acquisition, diagnosis, archiving and image sharing.

Once images are acquired, they can be pushed to Med Archive or any PACS or a diagnostic workstation such as Med Diag.

Our diagnostic solutions offer multimodality and interoperability. Our workstations can easily be configured to meet the user’s habits and facilitate the workflow within the practice or within a group of radiologists.

Medecom will assist you in the selection and the dimension of the different systems needed to perfectly match the needs of the radiology center(s).

Certified ISO 13485, Medecom is committed to continuously develop its software solutions. Our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of radiology and are developed upon DICOM, HL7 and IHE standards.

Our cost effective solution, such as the Med XRay, allows upgrading analog equipment to digital. The replacement of the flat panel in place of the old analog equipment is done quickly and cost-effectively.

Interoperability makes it easy to connect different systems according to routing rules configured on the workstations.

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