An efficient solution, easily configured

A reference image is loaded to visualize the effects of the settings (DICOM test pattern, typical image)

  • The configuration allows :
    • The deployment of the application in 5 minutes
    • To trace of all the print jobs
    • Management of an unlimited number of printing profiles for each Print and Store modality
    • To choose between English, French and Spanish
    • To define per profile the position of the logo, free text, page mode, booklet mode, image filters, patient demographics
    • To configure the archiving time of print jobs
  • Easy connection to any Windows printer
  • Preparation of the printout
    • To reconcile patient data with the worklist
    • Images are processed on the fly with filters (brightness, gamma, inversion, linear LUT, LUT, spline)
    • Automatic color or B&W printing according to the color threshold contained in the image
    • Management of 1/1 printing
    • Integration of reports
    • Print jobs are saved and reprinted by changing profiles
  • Printing capabilities
    • Printing of any format (A 4 A 3 booklet)
    • In booklet mode, some pages are reserved for the report, CD or document type

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