Patient Synchronized Radiation Protection with the sequence of images of the flat panel.

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1 – Control key pad

2 – Flat panel tray

3 – Automatic Linking images in les than 10 secconds.

4 – Rules with leaded 120cm

5 – Wireless communication



  • Synchronization of patient radiation protection with the flat panel
  • Self-powered by an on-board, rechargeable external battery – 8 to 10 days autonomy
  • Minimized radiation

Control panel

  • Determines the starting position of the bucky and collimator
  • Bucky & collimator management + piloting stitching
  • Automatic control after each exposure to the next position for the required number of images

From analog to digital

Discover our complete and powerful solution includes a flat panel & an acquisition workstation

  • Manage the worklist
  • Reconstruct an entire image using the stitching module
  • Apply treatments automatically according to the examination
  • Create routing rules to the PACS or post-processing station
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