A mobile & robust solution

Medecom offers a complete digital radiology solution for the veterinarians.

The flat panel & acquisition workstation solution is robust and efficient for such working environment. The flat panel can be used outside the practice. Then images can be easily transferred with a Wi-Fi connection to the acquisition station.

The workstation offers many advanced features that allow veterinarians to:

  • Manage the list of animal patients
  • Create exams by animal types and body parts
  • Apply specific image processing according to the type of radiography performed. The configured processing will be applied automatically.
  • Add annotations
  • Perform measurements
  • Save the exams on an archiving system such as Med Archive
  • Burn CDs or DVDs with Med Burner
  • Format the exams for printing on paper or DICOM printer.


Complete robust solution for veterinary radiology

9″x11″, 14″x17″ or 17″x17″

AED function with the generator

Images transfert by Wi-Fi

Embedded battery for wireless use

Memory of 100 images

Worklist display

Animal patient’s list display

Search by exams date

Easily add exams or animal patients

Choice of exams protocols to be performed among predefined protocols

Acquisition launch

Images displayed with pedefined processing upon the performed exams

Animal patients ID

Information on the acquisition & the equipment

SR Dose used during the exam displayed

Overlays can be displayed on printings or not

Measurement guide available to help the user

Various measurements available:

  • Distances
  • Meary
  • Hips displasya
  • Coxometry
  • Simple & advanced angles
Add annotations

Automatic export on  Med Archive 

Images transfert to visualization station Med View for remote veterinarians  

CD/DVD burner action with Med Burner

Easy settings of export rules

Custom or predefined advanced printing matrix

Booklet or paper printing

Configuration of printing matrices according to the exam or/and user’s preferences

Communication to :

Development upon DICOM standards ensures optimal integration of the workstation within the working environment.

  • ES : Spanish
  • FR : French
  • IT : Italian
  • US : English

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