Vendor neutral multimodality workstation

This advanced diagnostic or post-processing workstation for radiology combines ease of use, speed of execution, for an efficient and effective workflow.

A single workstation to view and diagnose images from all radiology-related modalities and independent of any manufacturer. Med Diag has been developed to meet the requirements of the DICOM and HL7 standards, for optimal interoperability in radiology centers environment.

Med Diag can be easily set up to customize and automate many features according to user’s preferences.

The workstation can be installed with several screens to facilitate the visualization of the different exams:

  • One screen to view the worklist
  • One or more diagnostic screens 2MP, 3MP, 4MP… depending on the needs for image diagnosis


Worklist display

Modality search

Search by exam date

PRIOR displayed when available, select to view

Exams displayed upon a pre-defined protocol.

Protocols can be set up upon the exams type and customized upon user’s preferences.

Patient ID

Information on acquisition modality and equipment used

SR Dose display

Overlays displayed or not when printing

Easy configuration of the overlays for display and/or printing

Measurement Guideline is displayed to assist the user

Numerous measurements are available

  • Advanced measurements
  • Lenghts, angles
  • Hips dysplasia
  • Cardiothoracic ratio
  • TA-GT
  • Contact-us for more details
Possibility to add annotations

Stitching module for lower limbs and spine

Automated and semi-automated mode

Export of the new created images to Med Archive, or any other PACS

Available for CT, MRI and Cone Beam exams

Access to the double oblique mode

Creation of point-to-point curves to facilitate a panoramic reconstruction

Export of key images

Custom or predefined advanced printing matrix


Liflet or paper print

Configuration of printing matrices according to the exam or/and user’s preferences

Reports creation

Reports created from predifined models 

Patient’s folder creation

  • DE : German
  • ES : Spanish
  • FR : French
  • IT : Italian
  • PL : Polish
  • BR : Portuguese
  • RU : Russian
  • SE : Swedish
  • TR : Turkish
  • US : English

Contact us for more languages

Indications for use 

The Med Diag console is a Class IIa medical device.

Notified Body SGS : CE 1639 – Manufacturer : Medecom

Please always consult the complete User Manual before use and read all instructions carefully to ensure the correct use of your medical device.

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