A full range of solutions for digital radiology.

Design your best suite for your radiology applications. All the following solutions are interoperable, are easily installed in complex IT environment and can be used together or as stand-alone solution.

Upgrade your software portfolio and improve radiologist’s workflow for even more efficiency.


Patient’s Data Management

(Mini RIS)

2 Solutions availabe

  1. Web DP: Enter all patient’s data and send them as DICOM information to the modality
  2. ServerWL : Transform any patient list into a DICOM worklist


Tables, Potter, Mobile Applications

4343 DRTECH Flat panel

Upgrade equipment from analog to digital

  • Easily upgrade your equipment to digital
  • Retrofit Solution for lungs & bones applications
  • Extent the timelife of your existed equipment
  • Cost-effective
  • Different sizes available 43×43, 36×43, 24×30


Made for Stand up & sited exams

Acommodates easily spine & legs studies

  • Same flat panel as the table installed in the tray
  • Eases full body studies
  • Wide range of accessories available for pediatric or disabled patients
  • Pad to adjust height
  • Collimater available to adapt to the area to be radiated


Multimodality & vendor neutral

  • Optimized for DR & CR
  • Designed to meet Tech & Radiologists needs
  • Accommodates
    • MPR module for CT Scanner & RMI images
    • US & Fluoroscopy images
  • Reports on the workstation
  • DICOM & Paper Print available or module as CD Burner


From 2 to 6 images into 1

  • Automated stitching mode
  • Select fiducial points and overlapping images will be adjusted with our smart algorithm
  • Add the new image to the study
  • Access advanced measuring tools to quickly get all elements for diagnosis


3Mp & 8Mp Monitors

  • Review & Diagnostic Monitors
  • Cost-effective
  • 8Mp can be split into 2 or 4 to ease comparison from PRIORS & current studies
  • 5 years warranty


Server designed upon needs

  • Upload from archive PRIOR studies
  • Save all new images
  • Determine storage time according to rules and regulations
  • Design the archive server upon the needs of the radiology center


Connect studies to the right correspondant

  • Create rules for automated actions
  • Easily send studies to Specialists, General Practioners, Patients
  • Web server for administration
  • Solution for creating reports
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