Since 2000, Medecom has been developing software for medical imaging, specialized in radiology and mammography.

For 20 years, Medecom has remained an independent company, and has been able to build a distributor network and to create strong partnerships with the different manufacturers in the field of radiology.

Based on DICOM, HL7 and IHE standards, the software are perfectly integrated in the complex environment of radiology centers, clinics and hospitals.

The software offer multiple functionalities, pre-recorded protocols, easily configurable, navigation tools, efficient measures to optimize the radiologists’ workflow, and much more… What we invite you to discover!

Medecom focuses on continuous software development & improvement to reach and exceed radiologist’s expectations.

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We offer a wide range of solutions covering the entire workflow of radiology centers or departments. The field of medical imaging is very demanding and we want to provide technicians and radiologists high-performance tools for acquisition, diagnosis and communication of studies.

To do so, we address our solutions to our network of distributors and resellers as well as to radiology equipment manufacturers, who are in direct contact with the end users of our solutions.

All our solutions are designed to offer:

Ergonomic interface

  • Offer the best ergonomics
  • Intuitive use of the workstations
  • Access the DICOM worklist and patient data
  • Ease the configuration of different parameters according to user’s preferences or needs
  • Access to dedicated tools upon the modalities

Optimized workflow

  • Ensure interoperability to facilitate the integration of solutions in the complex environment of practices and radiology departments
  • Provide pre-configured features to facilitate the workflow
  • Access previous and current exams to smooth comparison and diagnosis
  • Create routing rules to quickly communicate with all equipment and the work environment

Secured exchanges

  • Share our expertise and experience in the field of radiology
  • Bring a qualitative answer by the various certifications obtained by Medecom:
    • ISO 13485
    • CE1639 for the whole range of acquisition & diagnostic workstation
    • FDA for the diagnostic workstation
  • Offer dedicated support services:
    • to answer technical questions,
    • to dimension our solutions upon specific architecture,
    • to train and support our customers

Multiple wins

  • Easily, quickly and economically convert analog equipment to digital
  • View exams from different modalities and manufacturers
  • Securely access exams remotely
  • Save time on workflow to dedicate more time to patients



Web Server Interface
HTML5, Zero Foot Print
Secure access

Patients’ data Management system

Secure Archiving

Sharing exams

Communication gateway

CD/DVD Burner

Printing gateway

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Workflow optimization is at the heart of our concerns. Our solutions are designed to facilitate communication between the different modalities, medical devices and software present on sites. We respect the DICOM and HL7 standards and give the possibility to visualize, archive and share all the exams whatever the modality and the manufacturer.

Multimodality and interoperability are the essence of our development work.

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